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We are an asset management and liquidation company acting in multiple capacities for the benefit of sellers and creditors. We conduct in excess of 1000 Auctions each year. Our staff and affiliates have a broad range of expertise including commercial/industrial equipment, office/fixtures, construction equipment, household, antiques, precious metals, gems, and real estate (AO Real Estate, LLC – Broker). We have experience as Court Appointed Receivership, Special Master, Real Estate Auctions, Repossession of Assets, Traditional Brokerage, Personal Property Appraisals, and Personal Property Auctions.

We enjoy an A+ rating with the BBB. We are members of the National Auctioneers Association, Ohio Auctioneers Association, and Columbus Realtors Association. The Auction Ohio family believes that reliability, integrity and understanding are principals most important in any business. Our focus is not on a destination but rather a journey of constant improvement. We intend to deliver on the commitment we make every day to our clients and customers. Thank you for being partners in our success.

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Personal Property

Our Online Process

We provide a platform that allows sellers to sell their items to the world, without geographic limitations and without having to manage each transaction.

  1. We can sell your items from your place or ours.
  2. We catalogue and photograph the items and place them on this site for the bidding process. We handle all communications with the buyers and collect proceeds which are then paid to you the seller (less commissions and applicable fees).
  3. We don’t have to post your physical address (when doing the auction from your place) and we don’t have to put a sign in the yard. The potential bidders know only the closest cross streets and zip code.
  4. The auction typically lasts between 5-7 days with the buyers picking up their items on single day. We also ship items to buyers out of the area.
  5. We can arrange for professional movers to remove items from your home on the day of the pickup.
  6. The typical time frame for doing an auction at your place is 15 days from start to finish.
  7. The typical time frame for doing an auction at our location can be up to 30 days, however we typically can arrange for your items to be packed and moved to our location within 5 days.

Our Live Process

Live personal property auctions are conducted by licensed auctioneers with the Department of Agriculture.

  1. The live auction process is best utilized when selling assets that are in rural settings and when the assets are sufficient to draw an audience of bidders.
  2. We provide all the services necessary for a successful live auction. The first step is building an inventory and taking photos for advertising the auction. The advertising/marketing includes posting the auction on, sending an email to all past auction attendees, social media and placing newspaper ads in the appropriate local and regional papers. We also place signage on the property and crossroads in the area.
  3. The next step is site preparation which includes sorting and separating the items into salable lots.
  4. We arrive early on auction day to set up the auction. This includes tents when appropriate, food truck, portable facilities, and office trailer. We use an electronic clerking and cashiering system to allow for easy check in and check out for bidders as well as generating reports quickly for the seller.
  5. The seller will receive net proceeds within 15 days after the auction.
  6. The timeframe from start to finish is typically 30 days.
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Real Estate

Our Advantage

  • Real estate auctions are conducted by one of our licensed Auctioneers/Realtors in cooperation with AO Real Estate, LLC.
  • We can conduct real estate auctions utilizing the live auction process or the online auction process.
  • The first step in the process is to determine if the seller’s expectations are appropriate for the auction process.
  • We then determine whether we will establish a reserve price or sell without reserve.
  • We need approximately 30 days of lead time prior to the auction. Marketing includes placing signs on the property, posting the auction on, Multiple Listing Service with a coop fee offered to real estate brokers whose agents bring buyers to the auction, social media, newspapers when appropriate, postcards and/or brochures delivered to the area of the subject property as well as industry specific lists when appropriate, email to past auction attendees and additional undisclosed marketing that we would rather not share in a public portal.
  • The real estate sells without any contingencies on financing or inspections. We collect a non – refundable deposit from the buyer and close within 30 days.
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