Personal Property Auctions

Understanding various situations enables us to provide a total management solution for each project. There are differences in assets and buyers that dictate a Live or Online event. We have a dedicated project management team, post-sale clean-up, detailed settlement to the item level, and ongoing support. Our proven process benefits both buyer and seller. We do it all...


  • We have an engaged crew that takes pride in the set up for the live event. This includes parking, restroom facilities, tents, food vendors and more.
  • We have 6 licensed Auctioneers on staff.
  • Computerized and wireless system that allows for, easy registration (Driver’s License Swipe), mobile clerking and real time reports.
  • We have a self contained mobile office trailer that eliminated the need for the cashier to be set up in the home and allows a layer of security.
  • We have the opportunity for Simulcast bidding via the Auction Ohio App.


  • We allow buyers to buy from the world without having to enter into a relationship with every seller they buy from.
  • We allow sellers to sell their assets to the world without having to manage each transaction.
  • Bidders from around the world are able to bid in real time.
  • We market to over 40,000 on our registered bidder list every week
  • We work with the clients’ needs and timeframe
    • Auction completed within 14 days
    • Conducted at their place or ours

Real Estate Auctions

Don't settle for a willing buyer; settle for the best of all willing buyers. The real estate sells AS IS without any contingencies. We collect non-refundable deposits (when appropriate) from the buyer. The closing occurs within 30 days...


  • LIVE, ONLINE and SIMULCAST via the Auction Ohio mobile bidding App.
  • Proven and aggressive marketing plan that is tailored for each auction.
  • A trusted brand in Ohio conducting real estate auctions since 1985 with an experienced team of licensed Auctioneers/Realtors on staff.

Private Selling Officer (PSO)

We are appointed in these cases in lieu of the Sheriff. The statute in Ohio allows for the appointment of a Private Selling Office (PSO) in foreclosure auctions...

Benefits for Plaintiffs and Defendants

  • The auction is marketed via newspaper ads, signs on the property, internet ( – – – and more) and social media outlets.
  • The property is listed with MLS (multiple listing service) that attract interest from Realtors who are looking for real estate for their buyers. We offer a coop commission to those brokers whose agents represent the high bidder.
  • We hold open houses when possible and in many cases allow for Realtors to show the property at convenient times for their buyers.


  • The auction can be held onsite which allows for bidders to see the property while making the decision to bid.
  • The buyer pays our fees in the form of a buyer’s premium.
  • We are able to hires the appraisers instead of relying on the court appraisers.
  • We execute and sign the deed instead of the Sheriff.
  • We have a track record of selling to the general public 90% of the time.
  • Properties can be sold via a LIVE, ONLINE or SIMULCAST Auction.

Court-Appointed Receivership

We are appointed by and with powers given by, and as an agent for the Common Pleas Court to dissolve, manage and operate a company or individual and its real and/or personal property...


  • We have 142 years of combined staff experience in managing and selling real property. We have experience in single family, farm land, industrial and multi-family. We oversee maintenance, improvements, executing leases and filing evictions. Our goal is to first preserve the real property and then improve the marketability.
  • We have 84 years of combined staff experience in the managing and selling personal property. We have experience in industrial/commercial equipment, farm equipment, vehicles, firearms, precious metals and antiques.


  • We take custody and control.
  • We protect and preserve operations and assets.
  • We collect on outstanding AR accounts.
  • We manage all financial aspects of the daily operations.
  • We interact with company managers, employees, vendors and customers.

Personal Property Appraisals

We are hired to evaluate personal property for replacement and liquidation...


  • We have 3 staff appraisers.
  • We typically will not provide appraisals for assets that we are liquidating. However, we can arrange for a disinterested third party appraisal in those cases.


  • Insurance evaluations
  • Estate settlements
  • Bankruptcy evaluation
  • Loan collateral evaluation
  • Partnership dissolutions


Personal property can be appraised by Auction Ohio and our certified CAGA appraiser. Some special areas of appraisal include but are not limited to: Internal Revenue Service appraisal requirements, estate and gift appraisals, bankruptcy appraisals, insurance appraisals, appraisals for divorce, and casualty loss appraisals.

Your completed appraisal report is in accordance with Federal & State Court and IRS guidelines.

Asset Repossession

We are hired by secured creditors to repossess personal property that is liened as collateral under the Uniform Commercial Code...


  • We understand and abide by federal, state and local laws that affect the removal and transport of regulated assets.
  • We are insured and bonded and have the ability to secure additional coverage when necessary.
  • We can act quickly to preserve and protect the assets until transport can be arranged.
  • We take possession and secure the assets in a controlled environment when appropriate.
  • From industrial equipment to office furniture.
  • Ongoing Secure Storage.

Traditional Brokerage Listings

AO Real Estate was founded in March of 2015 and allows us to do business with all Ohio real estate brokers without being a threat as a competing brand. It gives us another option in liquidating real estate when a private treaty process is preferable.